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Feedkind®, the new protein to address the dual challenge of food security and climate change

Aquaculture growth is requiring more protein for feed in order to follow consumer demand. Existing protein sources are coming either from animal
or vegetal origin; increasing their production would be adding pressure
on natural resources of the planet. Calysseo is offering a sustainable protein that have minimal impact on the planet resources: arable land, water consumption and halieutic population.

10 Million Tons Market

Protein for Aquaculture Worldwide 

Asia aquaculture feed: fishs
Asia aquaculture feed: shrimps
Asia aquaculture feed: eels


Adisseo and Calysta established a Joint-Venture to commercialize FeedKind®, an innovative feed solution for aquaculture.


Calysseo is the exclusive licensee of Calysta’s patented platform that produces FeedKind® microbial protein
by harnessing the power of a naturally occurring microorganism that converts carbon and energy into
a nutritious, non-GMO protein by fermentation.

Calysseo Fermenter


We constructed the first industrial scale Single Cell Protein plant in the world with a pair of fermenters of 10,000 tonnes/year capacity each.

Sufficient land has been mobilized to allow for future extension of the plant in order to meet customer demand in China.

Calysseo overall facility


Ambition to build a 100 kt plant in order to help the Kingdom to become a major protein producer and to support its aquaculture development strategy as part of Vision 2030.



Our directors are experienced managers from our shareholders, and we are also proud to present our team in Changshou. Their enthusiasm and motivation are second to none. Their dedication has been instrumental in building the plant in record time during COVID, and, now in increasing production to serve our customers.



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